Zeddam Mill - Huis Bergh Castle
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Zeddam Mill

The Bergh Counts

Among the many rights of the Bergh counts was the right to wind and grind. This meant that the counts were entitled to possess a number of mills on their land. The villagers were obliged to have their corn ground in these mills only. In 1904 the Hohenzollern counts sold the Zeddam mill to the miller. In 1929 Jan van Heek bought the mill back and embarked on a series of restorations, thus saving the mill from decline.

Substantial donations from the Prins Bernhard foundation enabled major restoration work on the tower mill in 1974 and in 1990.

Torenmolen Zeddam

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Unique mill

The mill at Zeddam is the only remaining working medieval tower mill in The Netherlands. At the same time, it is one of the oldest brick mills in Western Europe. The mill was first mentioned in 1451 when Willem van den Bergh promised an annual donation of rye and malt to the Bergh hospice. The grain had to be ground at his mills in Berg, Sedam, Diedam and Gendringen.

In the vicinity of the tower mill a horse-drawn mill was reconstructed in 1974. This used to be quite a common combination of mills: the horse had to come into action when there was not enough wind for the windmill.

Visiting the mill

The Zeddam mill is one of the 100 top Dutch monuments and therefore well worth a visit!

There is a miller present during opening hours.
Opening hours of the mill:

Sunday 7 January

Wednesday 17 January

Sunday 21 January 

Torenmolen Mechaniek
Torenmolen Molenwinkel

Admission Prices

Admission price normal: € 1 p.p.
Kids*: € 0.50 p.p.

Guided tour: € 2 p.p.

Guided tour for kids*: € 1 p.p.

*ages 5 to 16

(Kids are only allowed in if accompanied by an adult)

All details are subject to change!


Contact us if you have any questions regarding a visit to the mill. You can do so via email or the office of Huis Bergh Castle.

Grafelijke Korenmolen Zeddam
Bovendorpsstraat 14, 7038 EC Zeddam
Telephone (Huis Bergh): +31 (0)314 661281

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Purchase your tickets for Huis Bergh Castle online!

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About Huis Bergh Castle

A visit to the town of ‘s-Heerenberg is a breathtaking experience. Once the ancestral seat of the wealthy, influential and aristocratic Van den Bergh family, the castle now houses an impressive art collection.


Give your guests a royal welcome at Huis Bergh Castle in ‘s-Heerenberg, with flags flying, a royal reception on the drawbridge and a warm welcome in the majestic entrance hall.